eDAQXR-lite: Compact, Rugged Data Recorder

The eDAQXR-lite is the compact and clever data recorder for your go anywhere and test anything jobs.

The small unit is perfectly designed for long-term mobile testing or unattended monitoring in harsh environments. The broad range of embedded data processing intelligence and recording functionality with an easy-to-use web-based operation interface makes it your reliable partner in modern testing applications.


  • -40 … +80 ℃: extended temperature range for icy winters to steaming hot deserts
  • IP57: high degree of ingress protection for outdoor installations
  • 75 g / 10 g: shock and vibration proof for tough mobile conditions
  • 8-36 V: wide range of power supply for installations in any vehicle


Clever and Easy to Use

  • Embedded intelligent functionality (trigger, math, …)
  • Collects only relevant measurement data in a condensed and robust format
  • Web browser based modern user interface allows operation from anywhere and with any device (no software installation needed) 


  • Built up your individual DAQ cube from 4 to 32 analog channels
  • Acquire fully time-synchronous analog, CAN bus, and GPS data into a single robust file
  • Install the unit in small niches and supply with a single cable
  • Network multiple devices or expand it by distributable DAQ satellites (i.e. SomatXR)



The EXRLCPU is the processor for the stand-alone mobile data acquisition system and is considered the workhorse for the eDAQXR platform. Data from various inputs are stored onboard and can be downloaded after the test is completed. Tests may include minutes or even days of data while running long term vehicle tests. The system can either be disconnected from the PC while the test is running, remain connected via an Ethernet cable, or via WiFi to monitor channels in real-time. The powerful onboard processor can perform real-time calculations and provide powerful real-time displays of channels like strip charts, digital, FFT, XY, and much more. The system can even send text messages or emails if a fault condition is encountered.

The eDAQXRL supports the existing eDAQ-LITE expansion layers, with the exception of the ELCOM layer.  CAN and GPS ports are built into the new CPU layer, minimizing the overall system size.  The eDAQXRL can also support a distributed architecture when incorporating HBM SomatXR modules. The setup software resides on the processor, so setup can be easily done using a web browser such as Chrome.

  • 64GB memory
  • -40-80 degree C operating temp
  • Dedicated Linux operating system for reliable performance
  • 2 CAN ports supporting unlimited messages
  • GPS port – 5Hz or 200Hz option
  • 2 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs
  • 1 expansion ports for networking many systems, or connecting remote SomatXR modules
  • Supports up to 8 eDAQXR-lite layers. 
  • 4 to 32 Analog channels in a centralized system.  Mixed input types supported with XRLHLS and Somat SmartModules
  • External expansion using SomatXR signal conditioning modules
  • Plug and play networking with the eDAQXR and eDAQXR-lite system to easily expand analog channel counts and provide additional CAN inputs



  • 4 channel simultaneously sampled inputsors
  • Sample rates from .1Hz to 25kHz set per channel. (100kHz possible)
  • Analog input up to +/- 74.9V
  • With use of smart modules
    • Strain gauge input ¼, ½, full bridge 350 ohm, or 120 ohm
    • Universal thermocouple module. Software select: K, J, T, E
    • IEPE conditioning module
  • Analog and digital filtering per channel




  • 4 channel simultaneously sampled inputs
  • Sample rates from .1Hz to 25kHz set per channel. (100kHz possible)
  • Strain gauge input ¼, ½, full bridge 350 ohm, or 120 ohm
  • Analog and digital filtering per channel
  • Supports both amplified and unamplified transducers, including strain gauges,
    accelerometers, pressure transducers, load cells, and other general analog signals



  • Digital Input/Output layer that can measure digital inputs/outputs, pulse counters, quadrature encoders
  • Offers 12 channels that can be used as digital inputs/outputs with 4 additional channels for wide-range inputs
  • Integrated in the digital channels are 6 configurable pulse counters



  • 16 channel Non-isolated thermocouple layer
  • 16 channels share a common cold junction for 0.5 deg. C relative temperature measurements – excellent for measuring thermal gradients
  • Cold Junction Thermocouple Boxes (ECJTB) are required for the thermocouple termination
  • Supports K, J, T, E with the same external cold junction box (or ‘with a matching external junction box?)

SomatXR MX1609KB-R/TB-R: Ultra-rugged DAQ modules for temperature measurement (with type K or type T thermocouples)

  • The specialists for temperature measurement
  • Individual devices for type K and type T thermocouples
  • 16 channels with automatic sensor identification (RFID)

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SomatXR MX1615B-R: Ultra-rugged specialized DAQ module for measurements with strain gauges and SG-based sensors


  • Ideal for experimental stress analysis, structural and load testing
  • For use with strain gauges and SG-based sensors (half and full bridge)
  • 16 channels with automatic sensor identification

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SomatXR MX1601B-R: Ultra-rugged DAQ module for measurements with active sensors


  • Supports all electrical and active sensors
  • For sensors with current and voltage output incl. IEPE (e.g. acceleration sensors)
  • 16 channels with automatic sensor identification

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SomatXR MX840B-R for all sensor types and measurands: Ultra-rugged universal DAQ module


  • Ideal with frequently changing measurement tasks
  • Identifies all measured quantities and sensor types
  • Highly future proof
  • 8 universal channels with automatic sensor identification

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SomatXR MX471B-R: Ultra-rugged DAQ module for CANbus acquisition


  • CAN interfaces for acquiring vehicle data
  • Inputs for CANbus, including support of CCP or xCP-on-CAN
  • 4 channels that can be configured with a dbc file

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All modules can be individually combined with each other.

GPS Receiver for Processor Layer

HBM provides various GPS receiver for geolocation and other GPS data.

  • EGPS-5HZ: GPS receiver with a serial connection with 5 Hz update rate
  • EGPS-200-B / EGPS-200-P: GPS receiver with a serial connection with 200 Hz update rate and optional Plus package with an IMU (inertial measurement unit) and RKT (real-time kinematics)




Smart Modules for HLS Layer

The smart modules extend the functionality of the eDAQXR-lite high level layer.

  • SMSTRB4-120 / SMSTRB4-350 add strain gauge conditioning (1/4 with 120 or 350 Ohm completion, 1/2 and full bridge) to the HLS layer
  • SMITC adds thermocouple conditioning (type J, K, T or E) to the HLS layer
  • EICP-B / EICP-M add IEPE conditioning to the HLS layer (BNC or Microdot input)




Additional Accessories

  • Power supply, such as a 120 W power supply unit (E-AC/15), as well as different cables available
  • A variety of different transducer and extension cables available on the HBMshop



eDAQXRlite Product Literature

Titel / BeschreibungSprache
English, Deutsch

The XR-lite Emulator is a stand alone Windows application which enables emulation of a eDAQXR-lite web interface environment without actual hardware. The primary purpose of this tool is for offline test setup configuration using virtual hardware which you specify. The associated setup files from the emulator can then be imported into a real eDAQXR-lite to be used in real production environment testing.

Datum: 01/2020  |  Version: 2.12.0  |  Dateigröße: 47 MB

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