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Somat - Rugged Data Acquisition System for Measurements in Harsh Environments

The Somat product family offers the right data acquisition system for every requirement, even under the most difficult conditions: SomatXR, Somat eDAQXR and Somat eDAQXR-lite.

All three DAQ systems are designed and qualified for use in harsh environments – for mobile on- and off-road vehicle testing, as well as for test benches with tough requirements.

Benefit from consistent and comprehensive onboard data processing with unique accuracy and security "made by HBM".

Last Time Buy

Please note: Due to the huge success of our eDAQ product series in the last months, we have decided to extend the lifetime of the main components until further notice. This extended selling period allows you to fulfil your requirements for the next few years and continue testing with your equipment. Click here for more details.

Furthermore, we will continue to support you as we have done in the past years.

  • Calibration and technical support are offered at least until December 2030
  • Repair services and accessories will be offered based on availability of parts but at least until December 2025 – and possibly even 5 years longer

If you are not an existing eDAQ user, we recommend that you check out SomatXR, our new modular ruggedized DAQ series.

Rugged design

  • Engineered for use in harsh environments
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Use in an expanded temperature range (also through the dew point)
  • High degree of protection (contact, dust, water)

Flexible system configuration

  • Setup in different topologies (distributed, centralized), matching the test object
  • Scalable from 4 to 100+ channels by adding modules or layers as required
  • Option: Integration into test benches

Comprehensive mobile testing

  • Testing of cars, trucks, mobile machines, motorcycles and rail vehicles
  • Road load data acquisition (RLDA), vehicle dynamics, functional tests, etc.
  • Interactive testing and stand-alone monitoring

Typical Applications

Agricultural and Construction Machinery

Road Vehicles

Rail Vehicles

Test Benches

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