SG for fiber composites available immediately ex stock from HBM.

SG for measurements on fiber composites available now for immediate delivery

HBM Test & Measurement can now offer customers strain gauges (SG) for measurements on products made of fiber composites directly ex stock.

Fiber composites are increasingly being used in industry to protect resources. Whether in the aviation, automotive or power supply industries, fiber composites offer enormous advantages through significant weight reduction with high strength. As the material properties of these composites vary somewhat in every production process and because there are relatively few empirical values available, the demand for strain gauges is increasing. The strain level to be measured is e.g. often higher than that in conventional materials. This is where SG with integrated strain relief are in demand. This ensures the endurance strength.

HBM Test & Measurement can as of now deliver the four most common SG for fiber composites as a standard program ex stock. Linear SG with and without strain relief, SG with 3 measuring grids and with T rosette. Typical properties have proven to be a measuring grid length of 6 mm and a resistance of 350 Ohm; the temperature adaptation of these special SG is normally close to 0 ppm/°C.

HBM also makes know-how available to its customers. For example, the appropriate accessories and specialist articles are available, while training and contract installation round off the program.

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