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C10 Compressive Force Sensor: Maximum Precision with Outstanding Flexibility

C10 sensors are radially symmetrical compression force transducers based on special strain gauges that compensate the temperature dependence of the Young’s modulus of the measuring body. Hence, compensation elements for the temperature coefficient of sensitivity (TKC) – a necessity for conventional force sensors – can be omitted in the C10 without any loss of accuracy. The gauges are more sensitive than standard gauges and produce more than 4mV/V rated output for all steel versions of the sensor. The C10 series is a benchmark in accuracy, made from rust-free materials, and various configuration options are available for current market prices.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.02... 0.05
  • Capacities: 2.5 kN to 1 MN

Improved precision

  • Technical improvements (product facelift in 2020)*
  • TC0 of only 75 ppm/10K
  • Minimal non-linearity, small hysteresis and excellent repeatability (0.025%)
  • High output signal of greater than 4 mV/V (from 25 kN capacity)
  • High resolution through high amplifier level

Economical: accuracy in a wide measurement range reduces the required number of sensors and the number of rejects in production.

Adaptable usage

  • Made of rust-free material
  • IP68 degree of protection (with cable option)
  • Not affected by lateral force and eccentric load application
  •  Vibration resistant
  • EMC approved

Reliable under harsh environmental conditions, even with electromagnetic fields.

Flexible configuration

  • Flexible configuration options
  • Over 2500 combinations available at short delivery times
  • Different connector and cable options, TEDS, double-bridge versions available, etc.
  • Accessories available separately: thrust pieces, connection cables, calibration services

Sensors can be matched to the measurement task; plug and play solutions save time and reduce likelihood of installation errors.

*C10 Compressive Force Sensor with Improved Performance:

Cover a wider measurement range with a more reliable sensor for the same price

Due to the recent technical improvements, the C10 compressive force sensor now has much more reliable results, especially in the lower force range. This means that the same load cell can be used for a wider measurement range, providing an easy, flexible and economical solution.

Click on the tabs to view the improved characteristics for different capacities (linearity error, hysteresis, creep). Some characteristics have been improved by a factor of 2.

Extensive Range of Accessories

An extensive range of accessories is available for C10: For more information please refer to the data sheet.

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