Success stories

PMX and Haptic Actuators with Shape Memory Effect
The PMX amplifier system as a central measuring and control unit meets all requirements for the test bench of the ZAF test laboratory.
Trasko Automatyka
Read the article how Polish automation company Trasko was able to realize EMI-immune torque measurements in a production line.
Žeželj Bridge: Long time control of bridge performance
This article presents a structural health monitoring solution on a bridge in Novi Sad, comprising 472 different sensors.
Optimized boat weight by real-time data acquisition
Optimized boat weight by material monitoring, based on accurate data acquisition with the modular amplifier system PMX
Behind the Scenes: Learning Factory for Industrial Internet
A learning factory in Darmstadt, Germany, tries to find out how Industrial Internet of Things can work for medium-sized companies with old machines and pro
EDF: Plant safety monitoring
HBM provided measurement equipment and services for monitoring a pressure pipe in a hydroelectric plant in France.
BCSA: High Speed Torque Application
Case Study about an innovative application by the French company BCSA that uses HBM technology.
Fraunhofer IWES: Wind energy materials research
Read how PMX enhances efficiency in a pluvial erosion test bench for wind power plants developed by Fraunhofer IWES.
Top-quality steel – reliably recording all parameters
Process monitoring in steel forming: Precise position, dimensioning and assembly are performed with finite elements calculations by HBM
Smart devices: intensive testing
PMX measures contact forces of a few Newtons for this application with long term stability and saves the maximum forces.
Quality control for switching devices
Switching on and off reliably – over the entire service life of a switching device. Guaranteeing this is the task of end-of-line test benches in switching
Increased quality of molded parts at DORST
Dorst Technologies has elected to use HBM's PMX amplifier platform, specially developed for industrial use, to design a new series of powder presses.

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PMX - Modular Measuring Amplifier System for the I
The multi channel data acquisition system measures and controls in real-time and is ideal for production processes and quality assurance.