The Complete Measurement Chain for Process Measurement

Are you looking for an effective and affordable means to monitor your manufacturing measurement? Then look no further!

Whatever your industry or application – be it the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, automotive components, or the processing of raw materials such as sheet metal or paper – HBM can provide you with an optimized hardware and software packages for process measurement – custom configured to meet your exacting requirements.

Our process measurement professionals provide solutions worldwide. We use standard products to solve the challenges you face.

ClipX - The precise and easy-to-integrate signal conditioner

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Industrial measurement technology

Test and measurement equipment in production is used in different setups and applications:

  • For example in industrial process control where the quality of specific production and joining processes is checked.
  • In end-of-line tests in production lines in which the functioning of products or components is random checked
  • As an integral part of machinery such as presses, for optimal control and to avoid overload.

Irrespective of the actual application in production - the field of applications has one thing in common: It is essential that the test and measuring equipment is fit-to-function, i.e. adapted to the application and ready for use, even in harsh industrial environments.

At the same time, the control and visualization screen must reflect actual working conditions in the production environment, e.g. through different user levels and maximum usability.

HBM's test and measurement equipment for industrial measurement technology and control always provides the right solution. Our sensors, e.g. for measuring force, torque and displacement, guarantee reliability and ruggedness during use. Amplifier systems such as PMX are the ideal choice for measurement data acquisition, also in automated production lines.

Misurazione del processo con HBM: I vantaggi per voi

  • Piena valutazione della qualità delle vostre connessioni di assemblaggio
  • Completa documentazione dei vostri dati di produzione 
  • Protezione delle macchine e degli utensili
  • Monitoraggio produzione in tempo reale 
  • Manutenzione preventiva

Prodotti al vertice per le vostre misurazioni di processo

  • ClipX – Il condizionatore di segnale industriale preciso e di facile integrazione
  • PMX – Sistema di acquisizione e controllo dati - Il nuovo standard industriale per la misurazione.
  • MP85A FASTpress – Amplificatore per monitoraggio dei processi di giunzione 
  • FASTpress Suite – Potente software per valutare ed analizzare i propri dati di misura
  • MP85A EASYswitch – Prove di produzione altamente efficienti di interruttori e sistemi di chiusura 
  • digiCLIP – Sistema modulare per misurazioni di processo in ambienti industriali
  • PACEline – Catena piezoelettrica di misura della forza per misurazioni di produzione

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