OEM Sensors for the Energy Industry

Turnkey solutions for energy, oil, and gas sensor applications such as offshore, subsea and many others to help avoid system failure through short-term and long term monitoring of structures.

Please note: The images of our products shown below are samples for reference only, as there are many variations available. Please contact oemsensors@hbm.com for more information. 

Load Pin

Load pins are available for cranes, lifting applications, and coil tubing insertion. The load pin will monitor lift weights for overload and maintenance as well as line tension and insertion force. 

Threaded Rod End Sensor

The threaded rod end sensor is used for tensiometer and rig stabilization lines. It monitors the mass weight and the hook load in rigs. 

Pancake Load Cell

The pancake load cell for coil tubing applications measures insertion and extraction force of coil tubing through the injector head and provides electric torque tong measurements for make-up/breakout operations.Further it can be used for compression and tension measurements. 

Hammer Union

The hammer union measures pressure in fracking and cementing applications. It is used in triplex and quad pumps to read pulses in MWD/LWD applications. 

Washer Force Sensor

The low-profile high-capacity washer style force sensor is utilized to measure the force required to open and close valves. 

Torque Sensor

These are motion and reactionary torque tools used for ROV and autonomous vehicle torque measurement. They are also used for electric torque tong measurements in make-up and break out operations. 

Standard and Custom Strain Gauges

Strain gauges with various creep compensation values are specifically designed for transducer manufacturing. HBM is one of the largest strain gauge manufacturers in the world. Thus, hundreds of strain gauge designs are available. If one is not available, HBM can design a customized strain gauge to meet your specific needs.

Digital AED Transducer Electronics

The AED converts the signals supplied by analog load cells into digital data and helps make the implementation of your process control systems easy and convenient.

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For specific OEM Sensor inquiries, CAD drawings and data sheets, please contact us at oemsensors@hbm.com.


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