PACEline CHW: Piezoelectric force sensor for temperatures up to 300°C

PACEline CHW is a piezoelectric force sensor (force washer) for highly reliable force measurements in extremely high temperatures (up to 300°C). Its sensitivity of 0.1%/10K delivers highly accurate measurement results despite extreme environmental conditions or temperature fluctuations during operation.

The cable is welded to the sensor for optimized performance. In conjunction with a welded sensor enclosure, the resulting device is extremely robust. 

Safe piezo technology at high temperatures

PACEline CHW: Suitable for use in extreme environments but still just as easy to handle as any other piezo sensor: 

Our PACEline CHW is deployed in force shunts. That means that the sensors have to be calibrated in their final mounting position. PACEline CHW - like all other piezo force sensors - was developed specifically for pre-stress applications. The PACEline CSP/100 kN unit by HBM generates pre-stress in temperatures up to 300°C.

  • Safe piezo technology at temperatures as high as 300°C
  • Permanently welded cable, safe and close to the sensor
  • Proven quality by HBM - PACEline piezo technology

Extensive range of accessories

  • Various cables
  • Summing boxes for connecting sensors in parallel
  • Pre-stressing sets for convenient installation
  • Coupling for cable extension

PACEline Accessories

Force measurements at extremely high temperatures: Use cases

  • Monitoring of rolling processes in metal production

  • Production monitoring during pressing, hot gluing, etc.

  • Experimental mechanical stress tests at high temperatures

  • Test benches for extended temperature ranges

PACEline CHW: Available in 2 versions

CHW-2/60KN: Temperature range: -55°C ... +200°C

  • Piezoelectric force sensor, quartz sensor elements
  • Fixed cable, welded to the sensor
  • Your reliable force sensor for measurements in ambient temperatures up to 200°C 

CHW-3/60KN: Temperature range: -55°C ... + 300°C 

  • Piezoelectric force sensor, gallium-phosphate sensor elements
  • Fixed custom high temperature cable welded to the sensor
  • The reliable option for force measurements in temperatures up to 300°C

PACEline CHW Product Literature


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