HBM Calibration Laboratory

Welcome to the HBM calibration laboratory - one of the best known and most capable calibration labs of its type worldwide!

In 1977, the first accredited German Calibration Laboratory was based at HBM. Since then, it has become one of the best known and most capable calibration labs of its type. Accreditation to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 covers the measured quantities: force calibration, pressure calibration, torque calibration and voltage ratio mV/V calibration.

DAkkS calibration laboratory - Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH

DAkkS is the National Accreditation Body for the Federal Republic of Germany. Accreditation guarantees calibration based on legal standards and guidelines. German National Metrology Institute (PTB) experts assess every calibration laboratory at regular intervals. The calibration certificate automatically is proof of traceability.

Working Standard Calibration

Working standard calibration means it is the responsibility of the calibration laboratory to carry out the testing. The traceability must be explicitly documented. At HBM this is done by reference to DIN EN ISO 10012. Under certain conditions, working standard calibration is possible on site.

Traceability to ISO9001

Every company wishing to attain ISO9001 certification or already possessing it has to prove traceability to National Standards. This is intended to ensure "proper" measurement.

Traceability is proven when an item of test equipment or a measuring device has been calibrated with a reference, the calibration of which in turn can be traced back, in an unbroken chain, to the National Standard.

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