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Reliable accuracy: HBM load cells in C6 quality!

HBM offers precix as standard load cells with a maximum number of 6000 verification intervals in the legal-for-trade range. The accuracy of these load cells is also called C6 quality (in compliance with the OIML R60 international regulation) and provides you with direct advantages over standard load cells with 3000 verification intervals:

  • Cost savings using more flexible load cells: Instead of using several scales for different weighing ranges and accuracies, it will suffice to use a single scale with precix! While, for example, a scale with a weighing range of 15 kg and 5 g verification intervals was required and, in addition, a scale with 30 kg/10 g, it will now be sufficient to use a single scale with 30 kg/5 g that even works without verification interval changeover.
  • Substantially higher weighing accuracy can also be achieved with applications that do not require use of legal-for-trade scales. This applies in particular to weighing processes involving temperature variations.

Are your load cells as precise as the precix products of HBM?

See our technical article: Vague results – load cells of accuracy class C6 under test.