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The PW2C Single Point Load Cell Weighs with Extremely High Precision up to the C6 Accuracy Class

The PW2C single point load cell weighs a maximum static load of 72 kg with extremely high precision up to the C3 MR (Multi-Range) or, optionally, the even higher C6 accuracy class. It is ideal for use in static industrial, medical, and commercial applications such as shop-counter, conveyor, or platform scales. The PW2C offers high precision, even with uneven load distribution, due to its high torsional stiffness and off-center load compensation. For instance, it is suitable for use with checkout scanners where the load cell cannot be positioned at the center.

  • Accuracy classes: C3 MR (Multi-Range), C6
  • Capacity: 7.2 kg to 72 kg
  • Degree of protection: IP67

Highly precise results

  • High precision due to the C3 MR (Multi-Range) and, optionally, C6 accuracy classes, including an OIML test certificate
  • Off-center load compensation (OIML R76)
  • High EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)  due to the shielded connection cable
  • Detailed results owing to the high ratio of minimum verification interval (Y) of up to 14,400
  • Outstanding signal stability, even with temperature and resistance variations, due to the 6-wire configuration

Precise measurement due to the C6 accuracy class and high EMC

Wide range of possible applications

  • Ideal measuring body geometry for platform sizes up to 380 mm x 380 mm
  • Industry standard-compliant dimensions
  • Suitable for use in industrial environments due to the robust aluminum measuring body and the IP67 degree of protection
  • Easy adjustment of overload stops with large nominal (rated) displacements
  • Ideal for single-point applications due to its high torsional stiffness

Easy integration into many different applications

Many variants available

  • Five maximum capacities available (7.2 kg, 12 kg, 18 kg, 36 kg, 72 kg)
  • Different cable lengths ranging from 0.35 m to 6 m available
  • A version with a balanced signal output for the parallel connection of multiple load cells is available as an option
  • A 6-wire configuration version that enables cables to be cut to length individually is available as well

Meets individual requirements owing to the availability of many different maximum capacities and cable lengths


Available with IO-Link as part of the Load Cell Measurement Chain (LCMC)

Product Literature

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Data Sheets
LCMC - Data Sheet English
LCMC - Data Sheet German
PW2C - Data Sheet English
PW2C - Datenblatt German
PW2C - Prospetto dati Italian
PW2C - データシート Japanese
Mounting Instructions
PW2C - Istruzioni di montaggio Italian
PW2C - Mounting instructions French, English, German
Single point load cells - Mounting instructions French, German, English
Operating Manuals
LCMC - Operating Manual English, German
Quick Start Guides
LCMC - Quick Start Guide English, German, French, Italian, Chinese
PW2C - OIML Certificate English
PW2C - Test Certificate English
Declaration of Conformity
LCMC - EU Declaration of Conformity English
PW2 - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
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