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Universities impart knowledge, apply it for research purposes, and routinely gain new insights. Measurement technology is used in various departments such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer sciences.

HBM leads the global technology market and offers products for the entire measurement chain. These include precise and robust transducers, data acquisition systems, and software for virtual and physical tests as well as measurement tasks. Universities throughout the world benefit from using our precise, high-quality products for both academic and research purposes.

HBM cooperates with universities in various fields.

  • We offer many different products for the entire measurement chain.
  • We are a partner in research and teaching.
  • We impart test and measurement know-how.

The Formula Student University Design Competition

HBM’s technical support to Formula Student Germany is one of the ways in which we promote young talent. Formula Student Germany is a competition in which student groups work as a team to design and manufacture a one-seat formula racing car, with which they subsequently compete against other teams from all over the world.

The teams are to assume that they will produce a racing car prototype which will be evaluated for production. Their target group is the non-professional weekend racer. However, the competition is not automatically won by the team with the fastest car, rather, victory goes to the team whose car offers the best overall package, consisting of design, performance, and a cost and business plan. Moreover, the driving characteristics of the car, such as acceleration, braking, and general handling will be evaluated. The car should also be reliable and offered at a reasonable price. Factors such as aesthetics, convenience, and the use of readily available materials can further increase the market value of the car.

A jury consisting of experts from the motorsport and automotive industries and their suppliers decides which team’s car best fulfills these requirements. The cars are then evaluated in their natural environment – the race track.

By participating in the competition, the students have an opportunity to gain experience in design and production as well as in teamwork and time and project management, all the while taking into account the technical, economic, and ecological aspects of their designs. Furthermore, they can make initial contacts in the automotive industry, which can also be helpful for a future career.

HBM Support

HBM has supported universities in this practical commitment from the start, providing advice, know-how, products, training, and sponsorship while also sharing in the experiences of every single project or team. The HBM equipment used in the test runs helps the student teams collect valuable measurement data, which can serve as the basis for further developments.

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