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Hawtal Whiting: Special vehicles require special data acquisition

Hawtal Whiting is a leading independent supplier of automotive design and engineering services.

They provide high quality, commercially competitive design, engineering, and product development services to the automotive, transportation, industrial, and consumer product industries.

The company’s Special Vehicle Group, based in the U.K., is responsible for very low volume or custom projects. This business unit is specialized in helping clients develop automotive products for sectors like the defense industry, where a high level of security and confidentiality is required.

Rigorous evaluation

In 2001 Hawtal Whiting recognized the need to upgrade their mobile data acquisition systems to meet the changing demands of their customers. The company embarked on a competitive selection process and, after a rigorous evaluation process, placed an order for the MGCplus data acquisition system and catman® measurement software from HBM.

Building capability

In the context of a competitive market place for automotive testing, Hawtal Whiting wanted to extend their capabilities with regard to the type of projects they could carry out. In addition, they were conscious of the need to have a system that could change with time and with the ability to cope with future technological innovations. Therefore, flexibility was a prerequisite. They were attracted to the modular design of the MGCplus, which offers adaptability from project to project, as well as the continuous rolling development of the MGCplus undertaken by HBM.

Total solution

Hawtal Whiting were determined to eliminate intermediate devices between transducers and the data acquisition unit, thereby minimizing cabling and additional power supplies. This helps greatly within the confined space of a vehicle. They were particularly pleased with the possibility of connecting the vehicle CANbus and strain gage bridge directly with the MGCplus. This was accomplished by selecting the appropriate modules and then performing synchronous data acquisition for all signals.

MGCplus – the system for:

  • Voltage
  • Strain gage bridge
  • Temperature (infrared sensor and K thermocouple)
  • CANbus
  • GPS
  • Pressure
  • Tachometer (pulse count)
  • Speed (light sensor)
  • Ride height sensors
  • Vehicle dynamics (including pitch, roll and yaw)
  • Displacement measurement
  • Driver inputs
  • Occupant kinematics
  • Rainflow fatigue analysis (using catman®), as well as real time data collection.


Ongoing support for the future

Hawtal Whiting have benefited through partnership with HBM in the UK, who have provided ongoing support and training. This will enable them to meet the changing needs of their customers well into the future.