High Voltage Probe HVD50R: Passive Differential Probe for Direct Measurement at HV-Systems and Large Drives

The High Voltage Dividers are high accuracy differential probes used for voltage measurements in combination with a HBM Power Meter, a HBM Power Analyser Analyzer or a HBM Genesis HighSpeed Data Acquisition System. They are designed and certified including the input cables as well as with suitable output cables to the connected Power instrument / DAQ device. By resistive and capacitive matching to input amplifiers of the GN61xB voltage input board (probe type HVD50R_61x) and the GN31xB power input board (probe type HVD50R_31x) they offer unmatched accuracy and bandwidth. A protection circuitry monitors proper connection to protective earth and safely disconnects any dangerous voltages from the input in case the protective earth not being present or disappearing. 

  • Two different types matched to GN61xB voltage input or to GN31xB power analyser
  • IEC 61010-031-2002: 1000 V CAT IV certified and 5 kV rms certified 
  • Passive divider with 10 MΩ input impedance 

Safety First

  • Meets IEC 61010-031:2002 (First Edition)  
  • Unique safety earth monitoring with protection mechanism
  • Overvoltage protection 

Certified Safety – protected against misuse 

High Voltage Tests

  • 5 kV each input to earth 7.2 kV (+) input to (-) input 
  • 10.6 kV peak (1 ms)  from (+) input to (-) input 
  • 12.5 kV test voltage (5s)

High Voltage – no compromises by poor probes any longer 


  • High accuracy of 0.1% including Power analyzer 
  • High usable bandwidth 100 kHz @ –0.5 dB 
  • Low phase shift < 1° @ 100 kHz

High Accuracy – developed to be used with Power Analyzer

Voltage Probe Technical Information

The HVD50R high voltage probe is developed and manufactured exclusively for HBM by the Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Energieeffiziente Leistungselektronik für elektrische Antriebe und Speicher. 

To order the HVD50R_xxx, please contact customsystems@hbm.com.

Please click here to download the data sheet from the document download page of the TH Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, Laboratory for electrical machines and drives.

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