PW2D 싱글포인트 로드셀 은 정확도 등급 C3 MR(Multi Range), 최대 72kg 하중을 정확하게 측정합니다.

The PW2D single point load cell weighs a maximum load of 72 kg precisely up to the C3 MR (Multi-Range) accuracy class. The strain-gauge load cell is unique due to its extremely high natural frequency and ideal for use in highly dynamic weighing tasks involving short cycle times, for instance, in industrial weighing systems.

HBM’s PW2C load cell offers even higher accuracy with static measurements.

  • Accuracy class: C3 MR (Multi-Range)
  • Capacity: 7.2 kg to 72 kg
  • Degree of protection: IP67

높은 측정 정확도

  • C3 MR (Multi-Range) 등급의 정확도 등급
  • 매우 높은 고유 프리퀀시
  • 6-Wire 구성으로 온도와 저항값에 안정함
  • 중심 부하 보상 (OIML R76)
  • 연결된 케이블 부분이 차폐되어 있어 높은 전기적 안정성 제공(High EMC (electromagnetic compatibility))

Precise results owing to the C3 MR accuracy class and high EMC

복잡한 측정

  • 낮은 변위값
  • 최대 380 x 380 mm 플랫폼 크기에 적합
  • 병렬 연결을위한 평형 신호 출력 버전은 옵션으로 제공
  • 극단적인 비틀림 강성으로 인해 단일 포인트 어플리케이션에 이상적

Immensely fast weighing due to the measuring body’s high natural frequency

Versatile use

  • Industry standard-compliant dimensions
  • Five maximum capacities available (7.2 kg, 12 kg, 18 kg, 36 kg, 27 kg)
  • Different cable lengths ranging from 0.35 m to 6 m are available
  • Connection cable in 6-wire configuration available as an option to enable cables to be cut to length individually

Easy integration because of the wide range of capacities and cables that are available as options and the standard dimensions

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