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Series V encapsulated strain gauges provide a high degree of mechanical protection as well as a PVC-insulated stranded connection wire 3 m in length. Furthermore, the strain gauges are connected in a four wire configuration to guarantee precise measurement regardless of wire length or temperature variations.

Type LV4 is an encapsulated linear strain gauge for strain measurements in one direction.

Type XV9 is a T rosette for analyzing biaxial stress states with known principal strain direction.

Type RV9 is a 0°/45°/90° rosette for analyzing a biaxial stress state with unknown principal strain direction.

Series V strain gauges are available with a nominal (rated) resistance of 120 or 350 ohms, the temperature response is adapted for steel.

Temperature range

Direction of strain

Special protection available?

Connection possibilities

- 30 °C … + 105 °C



Stranded connection wire

The right resistance: The selection of the resistance depends on the constraints of the measurement task.  Strain gauges of 120 ohms are relatively insensitive to fluctuations in the insulation resistance; for example, due to the effects of moisture.

The advantage of higher-impedance strain gauges is that they produce less specific heat due to the lower measuring current. In addition, they are less sensitive to resistances in the connecting cables to the measuring amplifier. There is also a disadvantage that high- impedance strain gauges may be more sensitive if noise pulses are received.

Key Features

  • Encapsulated strain gages
  • 3m stranded connection wire, PVC insulated
  • Measuring grids: 1, 2, 3
  • Four wire configuration
  • Resistance (Ohm): 120 or 350

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