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3维 CAD 图纸

大量的新产品都是通过电脑来设计完成的. HBM 通过“e-Engineering”项目为很多力和扭矩传感器提供 3维 CAD 模型.

Safety Data Sheets for HBM Strain Gauge Accessories

Adhesives and covering agents for strain gauges may contain hazardous substances.

Please click here for a list of Safety Data Sheets for all our products

应变片数据表: 通过 batch number 下载

数据表 提供给你多种应变片的有用信息,例如 应变片的温度性能。

如何能够发现合适的产品数据?进入应变片的 batch number - 你可以立即收到合适的数据表并进行下载。

Please click here to enter the production batch number of your strain gauge

Working Standard Calibration Certificates: Download via the production batch number

The working standard calibration certificate supplied with your product provides valuable product information.

You cannot find the working standard calibration certificate anymore? No problem.

Please click here to enter the serial number of your product

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