SOMATXR 数据采集系统 - 超坚固且应用灵活

超坚固的 SomatXR 数据采集系统专门面向恶劣环境应用设计。非常可靠,精确,并且防水,防尘,可承受极高的冲击和振动。系统采用模块化设计,应用广泛,如车辆移动测试、结构健康监测等。模块可在较宽的温度范围内运行,并可通过以太网接口灵活组合应用。


  • 温度范围:-40至+80°C(防露点)
  • IP65/IP67防护等级(防尘和防水)
  • 防振动高达10 g
  • 抗冲击高达75 g
  • 载频技术带来高信号质量
  • 放大器靠近测量点,减少信号干扰


  • 无需安装其他软件
  • 易于设置和可视化的测量数据
  • 分布式,带有以太网接口
  • Catman 后处理软件进行高效数据分析


  • 模块化系统,包括数据记录仪、通用和桥路放大器等。
  • 可扩展到10000个通道
  • 连接多种不同的传感器并进行系统集成和接口
  • 并可与 QuantumX 进行组合



采用 catman 测量软件, CX22B-R 数据记录仪可进行快速数据采集。 了解详情

采用本地 PC 作为数据记录仪

SomatXR 测量模块可单独使用,而不需要数据记录仪

带 Web 接口的数据记录仪

CX23-R 数据记录仪可通过 web 界面远程访问所有测量数据。了解详情

SomatXR 支持广泛的拓扑结构

模块化 SomatXR 数据采集系统可按照您自己的需要组成测量系统,包括数据记录仪和 Web 界面、数据记录器和 Catman,甚至连接本地带有 Catman 软件的 PC和。此外,SOMATXR 模块可以集成到 QuantumX 放大器系统中,用于测试台应用。



  • 不良路面移动采集或轨道上机械部件的荷载(道路荷载数据采集=RLDA)
  • 车辆动力学(行驶和操控)、功能和制动测试
  • 整体车辆或轨道监控(如铁路轨道)


  • 多节车厢分布测量
  • 铁路运输中移动数据采集,如测试和验收
  • 完整列车或轨道区段的监控


  • 传动系/动力总成试验台
  • 压力、温度和扭矩测量
  • 提高效率保护能源

SomatXR MX590B-R - Measuring amplifier with integrated pressure sensors

  • Up to five sensors per module to enable various pressure measurements (of gases and liquids) to be taken in parallel.
  • For pressure measurements in engine or transmission test rigs
  • Individually configurable: The pressure range per channel can be selected among nine ranges.

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SomatXR MX840B-R for all sensor types and measurands: Rugged universal DAQ module

  • Ideal with frequently changing measurement tasks
  • Identifies all measured quantities and sensor types
  • Highly future proof
  • 8 universal channels with automatic sensor identification

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SomatXR MX1615B-R: Rugged specialized DAQ module for measurements with strain gauges and SG-based sensors

  • Ideal for experimental stress analysis, structural and load testing
  • For use with strain gauges and SG-based sensors (half and full bridge)
  • 16 channels with automatic sensor identification

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SomatXR MX1601B-R: Rugged DAQ module for measurements with active sensors

  • Supports all electrical and active sensors
  • For sensors with current and voltage output incl. IEPE (e.g. acceleration sensors)
  • 16 channels with automatic sensor identification

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SomatXR MX1609KB-R/TB-R: Rugged DAQ modules for temperature measurement (with type K or type T thermocouples)

  • The specialists for temperature measurement
  • Individual devices for type K and type T thermocouples
  • 16 channels with automatic sensor identification (RFID)

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SomatXR MX411B-R: Rugged DAQ module for highly dynamic measurements

  • Amplifier for highly dynamic measurements
  • Supports virtually all common sensor technologies
  • 4 channels with automatic sensor identification

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SomatXR MX460B-R: Rugged impulse and frequency measurement module

  • Precise rotational speed and torque measurement in mobile vehicle tests
  • Sample rates of up to 100 kS/channel
  • Signal bandwidth of up to 40 kHz

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SomatXR MX471B-R CAN / MX471C-R CAN-FD module

  • 4 CAN interfaces for synchronously acquiring vehicle data
  • Inputs for classic CAN (including support of CCP or xCP-on-CAN) or for CAN-FD
  • Measured signal transfer on CAN (generating a DBC file)

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All modules can be individually combined with each other.

SomatXR CX22B-R Data Recorder for Interactive Vehicle Testing

  • The ultra-ruggedized data recorder enables fast measurement results in the field, reliable data recording and convenient analysis.
  • Measured data is acquired with pre-installed catman measurement software and stored in .bin format.
  • Module connection through FireWire or Ethernet
  • Can be used as data recorder and a gateway
  • Integrated uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for fail-safe operation in the vehicle

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SomatXR CX23-R Data Recorder for Unattended Data Logging

  • The ultra-rugged data recorder for reliable, unattended data logging
  • Web interface allows for full real-time access to measured data from anywhere
  • Integrated CAN interfaces enable acquisition of vehicle data
  • Can be individually combined with various measurement modules of the SomatXR family

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Using a local PC or Laptop as Data Recorder

  • The measurement modules can be used stand-alone without a data recorder
  • Simply connection by Ethernet from the PC/laptop to one or multiple measurement modules
  • Direct operation using catman measurement software

SomatXR EX23-R: Rugged 10-Channel Ethernet Switch With PTPv2

This Ethernet switch enables SomatXR and QuantumX modules to be connected to and synchronized with a PC or data recorder.

  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports (M12 x coded)
  • 5 of these ports with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
  • Precision Time Protocol version 2 (PTPv2)

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SomatXR UPX002: Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

In mobile data acquisition, measurement modules are often supplied by the vehicle battery. The UPS can be used to prevent abnormal termination of a measurement, as the result of a voltage drop or power outage.

  • Protects from voltage drops, short-term power outages, and overvoltage
  • Provides buffer for up to 80 seconds
  • Enables fast re-charging in approximately 50 seconds


GPS Receiver for SomatXR Data Recorders

HBM provides various GPS receivers for geolocation and other GPS data:

  • GPS-USB-18HZ: GPS receiver with a USB connection for the CX22B-R with 18 Hz update rate
  • EGPS-5HZ: GPS receiver with a serial connection for the CX23-R with 5 Hz update rate
  • EGPS-200-B / EGPS-200-P: GPS receiver with a serial connection for the CX23-R with 200 Hz update rate and optional Plus package with an IMU (inertial measurement unit) and RKT (real-time kinematics).


SomatXR SCM-R-SG120/350/1000: Quarter Bridge Adapter

Besides the direct inputs for electrical strain gauges in a full-bridge or a half-bridge circuit, HBM also provides an adapter for the SomatXR universal amplifiers that allows for the measurement of single strain gauges via an external quarter bridge arm in 3-wire configuration.

  • Completion of strain gauges to a full bridge
  • 120, 350 and 1000 ohms
  • Easy installation and parameterization

SomatXR SCM-R-TCE/K: Thermocouple Adapter

HBM provides an adapter with a cold junction for the SomatXR MX840B-R that allows for the measurement of type K or type E thermocouples.

  • Type K or type E versions are available
  • Locking mechanism prevents accidental separation
  • Easy installation and parameterization

Further Accessories

  • Mechanical connecting elements (CASELINK) and mounting brackets (CASEMOUNT)
  • Power supply, such as power supply units (NTX002 and NTX003) as well as cables and connectors
  • BNC adapter (KAB430)
  • Sensor and system connection (cables and connectors)
  • Protective caps for unused ports


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