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Best of Both Worlds

...only with HBM: 

  • Simultaneous data acquisition of electrical AND optical strain gauges.
  • Combined data analysis from both types of sensors in HBM's catman software.

HBM FiberSensing 布拉格光栅传感器

基于 布拉格光栅 的光学传感器适合能够为多种测试应用提供安全可靠的解决方案,例如结构和轻质结构的测试。

  • 您可以从 HBM FiberSensing 基于布拉格光栅原理的完美匹配测量链中获益。
  • 单一源的完整解决方案具有更高的安全性并节省时间 - 包括传感器,光学解调器 和软件。
  • 可以测量大应变,并且具有更长的测试负荷周期,可用于高电磁干扰或可能爆炸的环境。

FS Line: Optical Sensors for Large Sensing Networks

Robust Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors for measuring strain, temperature, tilt, acceleration and displacement in a wide range of applications.

OP Line: Optical Gauges for High Strain Applications

Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) strain gauges with outstanding bending capability (6 micron core fiber) and high performance coatings.


HBM offers a wide range of accessories for optical measurement technology.

Precise results even in difficult environments

  • For stress and fatigue tests even in materials with high levels of strain, and with high numbers of load cycles
  • Accurate test results in adverse ambient conditions, e.g. high-voltage systems.

Reduce installation costs

  • Reduced wiring since a single fiber can handle multiple optical sensors.
  • Individually adapted and configured measurement chain to suit your requirements.

采用光测试了: 无可比拟的优势







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