Company and Product Overview Videos


An Introduction to OEM Sensors 


Video on Converting your eDAQ to the eDAQXR


Overview Video on the eDAQXR Hardware


Overview Video on the eDAQXR Software

How-to Videos

Strain Gauges


How to Identify the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) When Selecting Strain Gauges


Selecting Adhesive for Strain Gauge Installation


How Does a Metal Foil Strain Gauge Work?

Genesis HighSpeed


Genesis HighSpeed Perception Updating Your Perception License


Genesis HighSpeed Perception User Modes


Genesis HighSpeed Performing a Shunt Calibration for the GN410 & 411 GHS Bridge Boards


Genesis HighSpeed Perception Trace Markers


Genesis HighSpeed Perception Managing Sheets


Genesis HighSpeed Perception Report Option


Genesis HighSpeed Perception Analysis Option


Genesis HighSpeed Review Sweeps vs. Review Recording Perception Displays



How to Download Models and Drawings from


Torque Transducer Shunt Options


Torque - Changing the Center Frequency



catmanEasy Trigger Start


catmanEasy Time Channels


catmanEasy QuantumX Connection



eDAQ - How to Add CAN Channels to TCE Setup 


eDAQ Troubleshooting: Logging CAN Messages