Strain Gauges for Transducer Manufacturers

When it comes to converting mechanical quantities like force, torque and pressure into electrical values, strain gauge technology offers both strong performance and low cost.

HBM offers strain gauges available with various creep compensation values specifically designed for transducer manufacturing. The selection shown on this page includes the most commonly used patterns.

We have an archive of hundreds of other strain gauge designs which are already in use. If we cannot fulfill your demands with one of these patterns, a dedicated project team will design customized strain gauges to meet your needs.


Easy handling

After preparing the surface of the transducer, the rest is simple:

  • Position the strain gauge
  • Fix the strain gauge with a piece of tape
  • Clamping and curing according to instruction manual

EP150 Stick-on

With the "stick on" option you have the possibility to purchase your strain gauges with preapplied adhesive. This saves time and increases process stability. Click the link for further information such as the data sheets on the adhesives.

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Transducer Design

Our 80-plus page reference book answers the most frequently asked questions regarding the production of transducers. It also provides you with many useful tips for working with strain gauges from HBM's K series.

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OEM Sensors

HBM has vast application knowledge and proven ability to help OEMs add strain gage based pressure, force, reactionary torque or load measurements to their product. When catalog sensors are not an option, HBM can design a custom sensor solution all the way through to the final product, including verification and validation.

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Our new Strain Gauge Catalog for Transducer Manufacturers

Please refer to page 14 and 15 for an overview of the technical data.

Please note: Strain gauges of this category are sold in sales quantity units of 100 pieces.

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