PACEline CFT Piezoelectric Force Sensors: Measurement From 5 kN To 120 kN

CFT force transducers are based on piezo technology and reliably measure compressive force from 5 kN to 120 kN as well as very small forces under high initial loads. CFT force transducers are extremely robust and ideally suited for highly dynamic applications such as pressing processes. Moreover, compared to other sensor technologies, they save a lot of space due to their compact design. They have already been pre-stressed and calibrated in two measuring ranges - and thus can be used immediately.

  • Capacities: 5 kN to 120 kN
  • HBM accuracy class: 1
  • Calibrated measuring ranges: 20 % and 100 %


  • Robust due to stainless steel materials, IP65 degree of protection
  • Very low drift for consistent quality of measurement
  • Reliable results even under unfavorable EMC conditions due to piezo technology
  • Very high fundamental frequency due to high stiffness

Optimal for fast (highly dynamic) measurements, also and in particular in harsh production environments

Very wide measuring range

  • Capacities of 5, 20, 25, 50, 70 and 120 kN available
  • High sensor sensitivity due to gallium phosphate technology (5 kN, 20 kN, 25 kN)
  • All sensors allow for measurement of forces even in the range of few newtons
  • High overload stability
  • Minimal forces can be reliably measured even under high initial load

Measure small forces in the range of few newtons, in any situation and with any sensor. Benefit from precise measurement with high initial loads or nearly unlimited overload reserves.

Immediately ready for use

  • Pre-stressed and calibrated in two measurement ranges (20%, 100%)
  • Very compact design for applications in which space is a constraint
  • Standard connectors (10-32 UNF), central bore and flange connections on both sides
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Only from HBM: Summing boxes and amplifiers feature galvanic separation of cable shield and housing

Easy mounting due to well-thought-through accessories and galvanic separation. There is no need to use insulating washers.



Extensive Range Of Accessories

  • Various cables
  • Summing boxes for connecting sensors in parallel
  • Pre-stressing sets for convenient installation
  • Coupling for cable extension

PACEline Accessories

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