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CFT Series Piezoelectric Force Transducers: Capacities Ranging from 5 kN to 20 kN

The CFT piezoelectric force transducers are pre-stressed and calibrated. One special feature of the sensors is that gallium phosphate is used as the sensor material, Enabling the achievement of twice the sensitivity, compared with conventional piezoelectric force transducers that use quartz.

The extremely small sensors are completely manufactured from stainless steel materials and offer the advantages that are typical to the piezoelectric principle: They allow measuring forces of a few Newtons, also under a high initial load, as well as measuring very fast force variations. The force transducers have displacements of only a few µm.

  • Capacities: 5 kN to 20 kN
  • HBM accuracy class: 1
  • Calibrated measuring ranges: 20 % and 100 %

PACEline CFT Piezoelectric Force Transducer Benefits

Reliable measurement results and high dynamics

  • Stainless steel materials, IP65 degree of protection
  • Low-drift quality
  • High EMC performance owing to the design principle
  • High stiffness that is typical for the piezoelectric principle due to a high natural frequency

High measuring dynamics and reliable results even under adverse conditions

Easy integration

  • Thread connections on both sides
  • Pre-stressed and calibrated
  • Standard mechanical connections making the sensors easy to integrate
  • Practical accessories available: charge amplifiers, summing units, and cables

Reliable application due to a well-conceived design and tested accessories from HBM

Wide measuring range

  • Twice the sensitivity can be achieved compared with quartz-based sensors due to the use of gallium phosphate: double output signal with the same measuring force
  • Excellent mechanical quality and outstanding linearity characteristics

Reliable measurement of minimal forces while providing a wide measuring range


3D CAD files for CFT Piezoelectric Force Transducer

Download the CAD step files for this product
PACEline CFT CAD step files

Extensive Range Of Accessories

  • Various cables
  • Summing boxes for connecting sensors in parallel
  • Pre-stressing sets for convenient installation
  • Coupling for cable extension

Accessories for piezoelectric sensors

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