T12HT Torque Transducer for Very High Torque Values up to 1.5 MN·m

When it comes to high capacity torque application, the T12HT torque sensor is the natural choice to improve the productivity and efficiency of your application with its high precision. The wireless transmission of power supply and of the measurement signal enables a service-free operation, while the integrated electronics with high bandwidth brings about the fast measurement results.

The T12HT torque sensor is the ideal solution for onshore and offshore power generation, for test benches in the energy industry, for a ship’s main engines, and for calibration purposes.

The nominal (rated) torque values range from 500 kN·m to 1.5 MN·m, the maximum permissible rotational speed is 1,000 rpm. An integrated magnetic rotational speed measuring system is also available.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.1
  • Bandwidth: 6 kHz (-3 dB)
  • Nominal range: 500 kN·m; 800 kN·m; 1.5 MN·m


  • High measurement accuracy and linearity with low hysteresis of 0,05%
  • Temperature stability with TC0 of 0.05%/10K
  • High bandwidth up to 6 kHz

Improved productivity and efficiency of your application


  • Nominal (rated) torque: 500 kN·m; 800 kN·m; 1.5 MN·m
  • Nominal (rated) rotational speed: 1,000 rpm
  • High stability, even with temperature changes

Long-term stability even in the MNm range


  • In-house calibration traceable back to German National Standard 
  • 100% maintenance-free and friction-free, without bearings or slip rings
  • Long service life

Reduction of down time resulting in effective cost savings

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