Shock, Vibration and Impact Testing with Genesis High Spe Shock, Vibration and Impact Testing with Genesis High Spe | HBM

Shock, Vibration and Impact Testing

There are different kinds of shock tests, vibration tests or impact tests, for example, rocket engine tests, blast and explosive measurements, Split Hopkinson bar material tests, Charpy tests, bird strike or general component crash tests. What they all have in common is that they reproduce extreme events. For when a product or test sample is subjected to extreme, sometimes even ballistic shock testing the test runs involved need to be perfect. Especially with shock tests, the test setups are expensive and often cannot be reproduced at reasonable expense.

HBM's Genesis HighSpeed DAQ system provides a solution that has been tried and tested in shock, vibration and impact tests in the market for many decades. Genesis HighSpeed* knows the "number one measurement quantity" for these tests is reliability.

Thanks to perfect interaction with the integrated Perception software, Genesis HighSpeed guarantees absolute data security, plus an extremely high sample rate of up to 100 MS/s that allows deep insights into the test objects even during the shock and other events. Plus: The incoming measurement data can be visualized virtually in real time using the patented StatStream technology, and the Review-while-Recording function provides an overview of all the data of the ongoing recording.

Image above courtesy of ATK.

Benefits of the Genesis HighSpeed Data Acquisition System


Scalable and flexible data acquisition systems with 4 to 10,000 channels


Different types of input cards with sample rates up to 100 MS/s supporting various sensor types


Local storage options for highest data security


Perception software for setup of the data acquisition system – no matter if it has 4 or 10,000 channels

Facing Every Challenge in High Speed

Every shock testing, impact testing and vibration testing application has its own challenges. Many of our customers master these challenges using the Genesis HighSpeed data acquisition system. The system consists of different mainframes and data acquisition cards and offers the following:

  • Different synchronization possibilities such as IRIG, GPS, PTP and Master/Slave
  • Optical Ethernet options for disturbance-free measurements and highest data throughput of 400 MB/s (200 MS/s) to appropriate PC – even over long distances of up to 10 km
  • Local storage option using built-in SSD or Network Attached Storage (NAS) for highest data security
  • Triggered or continuous data acquisition, even simultaneously
  • Easy and error-free setup of input channels using sensor database and Perception software

Shock Testing

  • Rocket Engine Tests
  • Ballistic Tests

Vibration Testing

  • Shaker Test

* HBM Genesis HighSpeed products were previously marketed under the LDS Nicolet, LDS Dactron and Gould Nicolet brands. The Nicolet brand is owned by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Corporation. Gould is a brand of Gould Electronics GmbH.