Data Acquisition Card For a Wide Range of Dynamic Tests (GN840B, GN1640B)

Do you need a data acquisition system (DAQ) that offers high sample rates and can handle varying measurement tasks requiring many different sensors? In this case, the universal data acquisition card is the ideal choice for you. It supports 9 different sensor types on every input and thus is a truly universal DAQ card.

Due to its sample rate of 500 kS/s per channel and 24 bit resolution, it is the perfect solution for all kinds of mechanical testing such as shock and vibration as well as impact testing. The fast DAQ card offers many advantages: it provides 8 or 16 channels enabling you to implement cost-effective solutions; furthermore, you do not need to install additional cards and have full flexibility. 


  • 9 different sensor types on every channel:
    • Strain gauges in full, half and quarter bridge configuration with 120 Ω and 350 Ω
    • IEPE sensors
    • Piezoelectric sensors (charge)
    • Resistive Temperature Detectors RTD (e.g. Pt100, Pt1000)
    • Thermocouples
    • 4…20 mA
    • 10 V 

Full flexibility for dynamic mechanical tests


  • 210 kHz bandwidth
  • Wide range of user-selectable sample rates from 0.1 S/s to 500 kS/s per channel
  • Optimal anti-aliasing through combination of analog anti-alias filter with digital IIR filter
  • User-selectable Bessel IIR, Butterworth IIR, Elliptic IIR and Elliptic Band Pass IIR

High performance for a wide range of dynamic mechanical testing applications

Real Time

  • Real time formula database offers math routines to solve almost any real time mathematical challenge
  • Recording triggered by results
  • Results stream to EtherCAT with 1 ms latency

Enables automatedtest bench applications

Full flexibility with universal sensor types at sample rates of 500 kS/s per channel

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