Higher data acquisition rate and time synchronization in FS22DI optical interrogators

  • Maximum sampling rate up to 1000S/s
  • NTP clock synchronization now possible*
  • Increased operating temperature ranges from [10º C to 40º C] to [0º C to 50º C]
  • Improved resolution and stability
  • Slightly improved consumption
 * connection to an NTP server running on the control PC required

HBM FiberSensing has launched a new version of its high-resolution FS22 Industrial BraggMETER DI interrogator for dynamic acquisition rates with improved data acquisition rate.

  • Offers real sampling rates of operation from 50 S/s,100 S/s, 200 S/s, and 500 S/s, to 1000 S/s.
  • Improved time synchronization with the integration of the NTP protocol in the interrogator internal processing unit.
  • One of the very few interrogators in the market covering at least 100 nm wavelength range and acquisition rates of 1000 S/s.

Additional Features

  • Up to 8 optical channels with simultaneous and parallel acquisition of all sensors connected to all optical channels without reduction of selected acquisition rate and resolution.
  • High dynamic range meeting demanding sensing networks with long distances and losses.
  • Integration in hybrid measurement solutions: Compatibility with catman® software enables combination with classical HBM devices into one system requiring a single interface. Additional results granted by selecting the best suited technology for each parameter.
  • Continuous swept laser scanning technology with proven reliability.

Widened Applicability 

  • New and enhanced features of the FS22 DI interrogator increase its applicability in testing and monitoring projects for the Civil Engineering, Geotechnics, Aeronautics and Aerospace markets.
  • New doors opened in applications for the Railways, Automotive and Wind industries, requiring higher acquisition rates.

Compatible with BraggMONITOR DI and catman® Softwares

  • FS22 Industrial BraggMETER DI with 1000 S/s acquisition rate delivered with free BraggMONITOR DI software! 
  • 1000 S/s acquisition rate  compatible with BraggMONITOR DI version 1.6 or higher.
  • catman® software available for further possibilities in acquisition, data processing, recordings, data storage, visualization and integration with other equipment.
  • 1000 S/s acquisition rate compatible with catman Easy or catman AP version 5.0 and above using the Easy Optics Module.

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