Understanding RMS, Reactive Power, and Apparent Power


 Thursday, September 3, 2020


 03:00 PM CET - EU | 02:00 PM ET - US




Reactive power, or imaginary power, and the calculations needed to determine it are an abstract concept for those new to electric power and is sometimes taken for granted by those who look at reactive power regularly. During this presentation we will look at the definition of reactive power, including RMS and Apparent power and apply that to the application of inverter driven electric machines. This will explore different methods of measurement and calculation for RMS, Reactive, and Apparent, and examine how they apply to different scenarios.

  • Reactive power definitions;
  • Filter & Bandwidth effects on RMS & reactive power;
  • Harmonic content;
  • Fundamental measurements.

Mitch Marks

Business Development Manager - eDrive


[email protected]