The Next Great Rugged Data Acquisition System

Whether you’re a new customer looking for the ultimate in rugged data acquisition, or an existing eDAQ customer looking to preserve your current system, the eDAQXR is the right solution for your harsh environment testing.

The new eDAQXR processor not only provides more computing power than the eDAQ system, but also offers user-friendly software that you can access via your web browser…no software to install on your PC.

The eDAQXR processor makes it possible to combine today’s eDAQ signal conditioning layers, with today’s SomatXR modules, and in the future expand to the new eDAQXR signal conditioning layers.

Providing the best tools for rugged mobile testing has always been our mission, and the eDAQXR processor is just the next product to show a continued investment in the Somat product line, and a gateway to combine today and tomorrow’s technologies.


Software Advantages

  • New intuitive software – Free
  • Software resides on system -- accessed via browser
  • Improved real time displays – strip charts, FFT, Digital displays, tables, etc.
  • Sensor database
  • Excel support (limited in initial release)
  • Add channels from previous test setups
  • Import CAN .dbc files
  • Spreadsheet view of channel information for quick viewing and editing
  • Wiring diagrams shown per channel at setup
  • Common terminology used for easy learning curve from TCE
  • Email capabilities to send error notification
  • Support for future vehicle bus networks
  • Multiple users can access system to view real time data at the same time
  • User profiles can be defined to protect setup
  • Emulator for off-line test setup

Hardware Advantages

  • Protect your current eDAQ investment – signal conditioning layers
  • Expand channels with SomatXR modules on day one
  • Migration path to future generation system
  • TEDS, sense lines, 24 bit A/D, higher sample rates and much more for future signal conditioning
  • 34% smaller system footprint than eDAQ (with fins)
  • Operating temperature -40° to 80° C 
  • Operating voltage 8V – 36V
  • Networking multiple systems – Plug and Play-one SIE file
  • Data file remains SIE, so retain analysis process
  • Powerful processor – improved throughput
  • 1-10+ SomatXR modules synchronized via Ethernet PTP
제목 / 설명 언어
Data Sheets
Operating Manuals
Quick Start Guides
Safety Instructions
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Learn more about the eDAQXR by visiting our contact us page, by email to or by phone at 800-578-4260.

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