QuantumX MXFS: Integrating Optical and Electrical Measurements into One Reliable System

QuantumX MXFS makes optical measurements easy, flexible and competitive  – up to your needs. It brings you all the optical benefits of the filter based BraggMETER technology: measuring a large sensing network composed by various types of sensors, high strain and high resistance to fatigue, reliable and high-quality long-distance measurements, reduced cost and many more.

With the new MXFS BraggMETER, up to 16 Fiber Bragg Grating peaks can be connected in series to each of the 8 optical connectors – with parallel acquisition. Thus, the new fiber optic sensing device offers an impressive number of 128 channels per module with simultaneous acquisition. Your benefits are obvious: it reduces not only the cost per measuring point but also the overall ownership cost.

Two operating modes can be selected by the user:

  • Normal speed mode, with 100S/s acquisition rate, most suited for monitoring projects or thermal testing of components.
  • High speed mode, with 2000S/s acquisition rate, most suited for dynamic monitoring or experimental stress analysis.

MXFS allows integrating an impressive number precise and stable optical fiber measurements. FBG sensors are easy to install, electromagnetically safe and can also be used in highly explosive atmospheres. Measurement of strain, temperature, acceleration, load and tilt are possible. Thus, with integrating MXFS, the accuracy and the possible range of applications for your measurements increase.

“With the new MXFS we are taking hybrid measurements to another level because we are combining optical and electrical technologies under the same platform, making them perfect partners”

– Cristina Barbosa, Product Manager Optical Technology at HBM

Easily combine Optical Technology with QuantumX DAQ

The new QuantumX MXFS BraggMETER module is both an optical interrogator and an integration toolkit for the reliable QuantumX DAQ system, popular for its flexibility, ease of use, modularity and precision. MXFS operates as single module or synchronized with other QuantumX modules.

Easily set up a highly flexible and precise measurement chain by “Plug and Measure”, with all the different sensors - electrical and optical - needed. The powerful catman® software or any other software by modern API and LabVIEW drivers can be used for data analysis of all different sensors used. 

Combining these two strong players, data information is easily processed in one system. 

Highly precise

  • Continuous calibration to ensure system accuracy over long term operations
  • Wavelength range of 100nm
  • Smart Peak Detection
  • Measurement stability of 5pm
  • Measurement resolution < 2pm
  • 100S/s acquisition mode for high accurate measurements

Precise and accurate measurements with FBG technology which offers multiplexing capabilites, low losses and immunity to EMI and RF


Resistant and stable

  • Long-distance measurements
  • Immune to EMI and RF
  • Low noise and signal stability
  • Lower risk of long-term measurement failure
  • Fit for harsh environments (humidity, temperatures…)
  • High strain and high resistance to fatigue without any zero drift

In terms of functionality, size and weight, MXFS optimally suits more demanding applications and environments.

Easy to integrate

  • Module of the reliable QuantumX DAQ system
  • Simply "Plug and Measure"
  • Endless intelligent combinations for data acquisition 
  • Similar operation as other QuantumX modules
  • Compatible with catman software
  • 8 connectors/128 channels per module - highest sensor density and cost-effectiveness

MXFS offers all benefits of the QuantumX series as it is not only easy to integrate but also as easy to handle as all modules.

QuantumX MXFS - Main Applications

Civil Engineering

  • Short or long term monitoring of bridges, tunnels and high buildings
  • Pipeline monitoring for structural integrity
  • Onshore and offshore monitoring of flare towers and monopiles



  • Durability testing on chassis, wheels and doors with Mobile Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA)
  • Mechanical validation and testing on composite material components
  • Thermal testing on electric drives, fuel cells, batteries, ...


  • Blade condition monitoring
  • Onshore and offshore monitoring and testing of foundation and structure
  • Integration in systems for Individual pitch control (IPC)
  • Fatigue and durability testing


  • Pantograph monitoring and testing
  • Overhead line (OHL) and pantograph interaction control
  • Vehicle validation and verification



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Uma introdução às cadeias de medição óptica baseadas em grades de bragg de fibra (FBG)

  • Como escolher os componentes certos para sua solução de monitoramento óptico?
  • Para quais campos de aplicação a tecnologia FBG pode ser usada?
  • Como uma cadeia de medição típica baseada em fibra óptica Bragg Grating (FBG) pode ser facilmente projetada?

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QuantumX MXFS

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QuantumX MXFS: Full Power with catman®

Like all QuantumX modules, MXFS is compatible with HBM catman data acquisition software (DAQ) which allows for data visualization, analysis and storage during the measurement and subsequent reporting.

The software has an extensive range of functions and is easy-to-use for everyone, even for users who are unfamiliar with the technology.

Using catman with MXFS as standalone or in a measurement chain that acquires data via different QuantumX modules, the software benefits your measurement in every way:

  • Straightforward measurements of the optical and electrical signals under the same interface
  • Data visualization on multiple pages, parallel measurement task recording, multiple exportable data formats, data saved locally or remotely
  • Sensor configuration, data processing and report generation

The catman licence is already pre-installed on the module. Nevertheless, MXFS is open to any software by modern API and LabVIEW driver.

catman for QuantumX MXFS

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Optical Fiber Sensors vs. Conventional Electrical Strain Gauges for Infrastructure Monitoring Applications

  • Learn about the advantages of using optical fiber sensors 
  • How do optical fiber sensors actually work?
  • Why do they benefit monitoring projects?

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QuantumX MXFS: the Optical Expertise Behind it

Você já sabia que o HBM vem desenvolvendo sistemas de interrogadores ópticos desde 2004?

Sempre tentando alcançar os melhores resultados possíveis, nossos especialistas melhoraram regularmente os interrogadores nos últimos 16 anos. 

A transformação não só fez com que os interrogadores menores e mais leves, mas também melhorasse significativamente a velocidade dos dispositivos, aumentando tanto a precisão quanto a gama de aplicações. 

Não perca a evolução dos interrogadores ópticos e veja como o QuantumX MXFS se tornou o que é.

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Going the Extra Mile: Supplementary Service and Support

Our service and support team will assist you in all issues regarding test and measurement applications. Our offer: 

3D CAD files for QuantumX MXFS

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