Software for high-speed data acquisition and processing


Perception version 6.60 offers more flexibility to users with a function that allows a main user to adapt the software to the needs of other users. This ensures for example that formulas for calculations or protocols in the worksheet remain protected and no unintentional changes are made.

Perception is designed for fast and reliable processing of large data quantities. Because of this, the software is ideal for use with the data acquisition devices of the Genesis HighSpeed family. Thanks to its patented StatStream technology, Perception can process 100 GB within 10 seconds, thereby preventing long wait times. This allows users to access and work with their data live while the measurement is running.

All eight perception languages (English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese) are available in the new version as well as the corresponding manuals. These languages are part of the Perception installation and it is easy to change between them during operation. Reinstallation is not necessary.

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