Hygienic Dynamic Weighing in Industrial Packaging Systems Hygienic Dynamic Weighing in Industrial Packaging Systems | HBM

Hygienic Dynamic Weighing in State-of-the-art Industrial Packaging Systems

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 Thursday, May 14, 2020      02:00 PM CET       English

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Modern industrial packaging systems come with a whole set of challenging requirements when it comes to measuring the weight of packed goods. Next to high precision and protection class there is new set of additional demands: Aseptic filling and dosing systems require hygienic standards and cleanability of the entire measuring chain, new industrial control systems require a fast and seamless integration of state of the art industrial ethernet protocols and a simple and flexible configuration using the browser of choice supported by a web-interface.

In this webinar we demonstrate:

  • The latest fully hygienic measuring chain from the load cell to the amplifier
  • Its hardware and software features in a live demo.


Thomas Langer

International Product Manager for Weighing Technology and OEM Sensors


[email protected]