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FS61DSP: Optical Displacement Sensor for Linear Variation of Position

Based on the newLight® technology, FS61DSP Displacement Sensor is a ruggedized Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensor designed to measure linear displacement on different types of structures. The sensor uses two FBGs in a push-pull configuration for effective temperature compensation.

It can be used in a large range of monitoring applications, like sustaining walls, bridge piles or buildings.


  • Effective compensation of temperature cross effect (<2micrometer/ºC) by employing two FBG

Fitted for long term measurements at unstable temperature 


  • In-series connection with other FBG-based transducers and compatibility with most optical interrogators

Cost-effective shared equipment and simpler sensing networks


  • Ruggedized packing and bolted installation for long term measurements or reusable in different projects

Easy installation and uninstallation without damaging the sensor

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  • To be bolted to flat surfaces
  • ±40 mm measurement range
  • 20 micrometer resolution
  • Less than 2 micrometer/ºC temperature induced error
  • Dual cables for in series connection

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