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Railway Measurements: Solutions for Testing and Monitoring

The railway industry has undergone long historic developments and operations. For centuries, people have trusted the industry’s safe transportation services within and in between towns and cities. Railways also play an important role in modern logistics and freight distribution.

With high-speed trains and the hyperloop, it has emerged as a high-tech and global industry, deeply rooted in the economy and an important option compared to other mobility concepts. Efficient, quick and cost-effective but also environmental friendly, railway vehicles are a future-proof mode of transport, globally connecting people and delivering goods, interconnecting perfectly with many industries.

The HBK product and service portfolio covers many railway applications such as validation, verification, metrology and in operation monitoring for predictive maintenance. From any measurements in mechanical or electrical component bench testing, via overall mobile vehicle homologation, to noise verification or monitoring for condition-based predictive maintenance of vehicles or infrastructures – HBK offers you the complete setup, from sensor to data and result.

Benefit from HBK Measurement Solutions

Choose HBK measurement technology and analysis software and rely on the excellent combination of:

  • Flexibility and maximum openness
  • Precision and reliability 
  • Expert railway knowledge

Supplementary Service and Support

Our service and support team will assist you in all issues regarding test and measurement applications. We offer: 

Railway Measurements – HBK Customers Success Stories

Read some of our railway customers’ success stories using HBK measurement technology. Always meeting the highest measurement demands, HBK is the perfect partner for precise and reliable testing and monitoring solutions and sustainable measurement setups.