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Automated and Reliable: Monitoring With Measuring Technology From HBK

The monitoring of machines and equipment is essential for operational safety and for the reduction of operating costs. The recorded measurement data can be used to schedule preventive maintenance and reduce downtimes. Machine servicing can be carried out before the actual damage occurs and service calls adapted to the production needs.

Crimping machines, printing machines (web tension control), wind turbines (structural monitoring) or structures such as bridges or hydropower plants: HBK delivers strain gauges (SG), force and displacement sensors for continuous monitoring and load calculations. Multichannel measurement systems with state-of-the-art automation interfaces and matching software ensure the storage of the measurement data.

The HBK solution

  • All appropriate sensors of industrial premium quality for force, strain, pressure and displacement measurements
  • Large selection of strain gauges (SG).
  • SG and piezo technology-based force sensors
  • Robust and accurate measuring amplifiers for all relevant parameters with optional process data storage
  • Broad range of interfaces for the plant automation system up into the cloud; keyword: “open automation”.

Versatile sensor technology

  • Special force sensors designed for use in machines
  • SG and strain transducers that can be applied directly to components allow the indirect measurement of torques, forces or other mechanical parameters

Precision measuring amplifiers

  • Measuring amplifiers with fast 20 kHz sampling rates and high measuring precision up to 0.01%
  • The measuring amplifier records the slightest change in the machine condition.
  • Not only the machine but also the actual amplifier is monitored.
  • Easy integration into the machine control system via digital interfaces

Everything in view

  • Continuous sensor monitoring and error signalling
  • Data transport and remote monitoring via the automation system or the cloud
  • Data preprocessing: Only machine relevant data are passed onto the next processing stage


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