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HBM Solutions for the Marine and Shipbuilding Industry

Shipping has been the basis of global trade for thousands of years. The call for greater efficiency, increasingly stringent emissions directives, and new ship propulsion systems bring new challenges for the shipbuilding industry worldwide.

HBM provides you with the right solution to keep your development and production of ships, marine engines and other components fit for the future. For example, in the following applications:

On-board Monitoring

Reliable and highly efficient operation of dual-fuel and gas engines thanks to precise load measurement in the power train.

Testing in the Test Stand

Reliable development of components and propulsion systems thanks to sensors, measuring amplifiers and software from HBM.

Professional On-board Monitoring

Current MARPOL regulations call for the use of cleaner and more efficient ship propulsion systems. Dual-fuel and gas engines represent an attractive solution, however, they depend on the generation of a precise load signal during operation to avoid knocking and misfiring. Only torque flanges based on strain gauge technology can generate this load signal - and thus ensure reliable and efficient on-board monitoring. This solution is also suited for other applications such as thruster or crane winch monitoring.

T40MAR: Certified for use on ships

T40MAR is the certified torque transducer for use on ships. Benefit from direct torque measurement without additional calculations to reliably determine the load signal.

Test and Measurement Equipment for Ship Component Testing

A good ship is more than the combination of its components. HBM provides you with sensors, amplifiers and software for conclusive fatigue and load testing of your components - such as measurement of strain, force, torque and many other measurement quantities.

  • Function and component tests for optimizing engines
  • Electric engine testing

Our solution: HBM torque transducers, eDrive testing

Our solution:Strain measuring equipment from HBM

  • Function and load tests (e.g. on compressors)
  • Vibration measurements

Our solution:Optical test and measuring equipment from HBM FiberSensing

  • Damage analysis of different components (e.g. the blades of a steam turbine)
  • Structural analysis (e.g. on stud welded steel plates)
  • Structural integrity analysis (e.g. of high-pressure pumps)

Our solution:nCode DesignLife software