Input Card for High Voltage ISO: 1000V - GN610B, GN611B

Tested up to 6.4 kV, the reinforced isolation allows for safe measurements up to 600 V RMS CAT II (IEC61010-1:2010 safety standard): The six isolated balanced differential input offers voltage ranges from ± 10 mV to ± 1000 V 

  • GN610B: 18 bit resolution, 2 MS/s
  • GN611B: 18 bit resolution, 200 kS/s

Besides the instantaneous values, the realtime cycle detection allows for cycle based real-time calculations like TrueRMS on all analog channels as well as torque, angle and speed on all timer counter channels simultaneously.
The real-time formula database calculators option offers an extensive set of math routines to solve almost any real-time mathematical challenge like obtaining mechanical power and/or multi-phase (not limited to three) electric power (P, Q, S) or even efficiency calculations.



  • 1 kV RMS CAT IV probe

  • 5 kV RMS certified probe

Tested and certified


  • Sample rates from 0.1 S/s to 200 kS/S or 2 MS/s per channel
  • 18 bit resolution
  • User-selectable analog/digital filters

High performance

Real Time

  • Real time formula database

  • Real-time cycle based calculators

  • Triggering on real-time results 

True real time calculations

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