"Getting Started": Setting up a Force Measurement Chain from A to Z

How do I connect a force transducer to an amplifier? In our live crash course, HBM product managers Thomas Kleckers and Michael Guckes guide you through the process of setting up a measurement chain step-by-step.

The content of the course is tailored to the requirements of machine builders, automation companies, beginners who are looking for an introduction to force measurements and experts who want to freshen up their knowledge on the latest requirements for calibration intervals and product innovations.

Date & Time

 Wednesday, January 22, 2020      10:00 - 11:00 CET     Online

Together with you, we will discuss:

  • Benefits of the usage of TEDs sensors
  • How to select the right cables and accessories
  • Tips and tricks in setting up your amplifier
  • The different possibilities of force measurement chain calibrations

The course is free of charge and lasts roughly 45minutes. Please submit your questions prior the course by sending an email to husmann@hbm.com and we will answer them during the session.

All you need to participaite is a head set, an hour of your time, and lots of questions. The session will be conducted via WebEx. After the registration, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to the online session.


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Your Course Instructors and Point of Contact

Thomas Kleckers, Product Manager for Force Transducers at HBM

Thomas has over 20 years of experience in force measurements and is an expert in the field of calibrations. 


Michael Guckes, Product Manager for Signal Conditioners and Amplifiers at HBM

Michael is responsible for the signal conditioner and amplifier portfolio at HBM. His domain expertise lies in the field of IIoT, industrial measurement chains, and software.


A Typical Force Measurement Chain

With HBM's wide selection of force sensors, you will find the right component for your application. We recommend using ClipX, the precise single channel signal conditioner for a quick and easy set up of your measurement chain. ClipX comes with TEDS and a self-explanatory browser interface so you can start your measurement control within five minutes of the initial set up.

Further Reading

ClipX: 高精度且容易集成的信号调理器
单通道高精度信号调理器 ClipX 提供现代自动化接口,直观的 web 界面和智能功能。
HBM 校准实验室: 精准测量的关键
从符合 DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 标准的 DKD 标定服务认证实验室获益! 标定证书的三步骤 你能从标定中获得什么
HBM 力传感器(也称之为测力传感器)可以测量静态和动态的力 - 用于测量拉向和压向力,并且没有位移。有很多型号和精度等级可供选择。