PMX Industrial Measuring Amplifier Available ex Works with Electronic Calibration Certificates

July 2016. The PMX industrial measuring amplifier now comes with PDF versions of the calibration certificates for every measurement card stored in its internal memory for download using the integrated web server.

Precision is key to safely utilizing tolerance limits in production and avoiding machine failure and downtime. Therefore, HBM’s PMX industrial measuring amplifier is now available ex works with calibration certificates for every measurement card documenting the amplifier’s quality: The calibration certificates per DIN ISO 10012 are registered after production and thus offer traceability; then they are stored as PDF files in the PMX’s internal memory.

A valid amplifier calibration is a prerequisite for certification in compliance with ISO 9001 requirements. The working standard calibration certificate, also when it is available electronically as a PDF document, provides reliable documentation and visualization of all ok/not ok statements for your measurement results. A successful audit is ensured.

A Certificate of Compliance with the Order 2.1 EN 10204 is issued in addition to the calibration certificates and also available electronically as a PDF file in the device memory. All documents can be viewed and downloaded via the PMX web server. This free user interface can be used on mobile devices with any standard web browser.

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