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Innovative test bench concept for the drive train of the future

The BMW Group's new test benches permit implementation of more efficient test programs and have a share in further extending the automotive supplier's technological lead. They also use HBM's QuantumX data acquisition system.

The best suppliers of test bench, automation, measurement technology, calibration, and simulation products and services were commissioned to equip the BA6.2 test bench center in the Munich research and innovation center with engine, transmission, and compound-set test benches.

For implementing this concept, BMW has been looking for a modular, fully TEDS-compatible data acquisition system providing both many channels and fast measurement data acquisition. QuantumX by HBM meets these high demands and provides the basic test and measurement equipment for the BMW test bench.

More efficient workflow

Short communication channels and streamlined processes have been implemented to enable technicians and engineers to cooperate more efficiently. BA6.2 concentrates previously distributed test benches in one place. Both single components and complete drive trains can be developed under real-world conditions. After the test specimen has been installed on a pallet in the workshop, it is fitted with the requisite transducers and sensors. TEDS technology is used to write the name of the measuring point into the transducer during setup. The pallet assembly is docked onto the test bench assembly and the transducers are connected to the QuantumX amplifier system according to the Plug and Measure principle.

Shorter setup times, optimized test times, increased throughput

The QuantumX system comprises some distributed, IP65-protected field modules for measuring pressure and temperature in close proximity to the test specimen. In addition, some modules are installed centrally in the pivot arm's 19" rack. The distributed module topology results in short cables and tubes so that the test bench engineer can easily keep track of everything.

The universal amplifiers are also beneficial to the test bench: All current transducer technologies are supported. TEDS technology permits automatic configuration of the measuring amplifiers.

BMW relies on HBM's tried and tested torque transducers. Crankshaft-angle-related measurements of highly dynamic processes up to 100 kHz are saved to a data logger during operation. The Ethercat bus enables parallel and real-time data transmission to the automation system.

The number of measurement modules is plugged on in compliance with the measurement task and the required channels are instantly ready for use.

Future-proof and flexible - using innovative measurement technology

BMW continuously optimizes its test stands and enhances its measurement technology. Compared to the previous test center, twice as many measurement channels were implemented. The sophisticated concept reduces setup time and costs and increases quality, because transducers are unambiguously associated to the measurement task and the measuring place and their parameters are automatically known.

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