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Software for data acquisition, visualization, analysis and reporting of measurement data.

05/2017 5.02 287 MB

This plugin allows you to open .bin files from HBM catman directly in DIAdem.

07/2013 1.9.0 74 KB

Never miss an event again with HBM Push

Get the new App HBM Push on your mobile device and never miss an important event again. For long-term monitoring of any kind, especially the monitoring of bridges, railways or test benches etc., you can define events of your interest in catman. Whenever one of these events occurs, you'll get a HBM Push message.

New Features in catman 5.0


  • Carry out parallel recordings using a single data recorder (individual files, triggers)
  • Save data locally and transfer it automatically to FTP servers or the Cloud
  • App HBM Push: Define events in catman to get push notifications on your mobile device
  • Integrate Vaisala weather transmitter to measure wind speed, humidity, rain fall etc. 

General New Features

  • Zoom function for a more detailed visualization
  • Favorite folders in PostProcess

Mobile DAQ

  • Acquisition, display and analysis of CAN raw data
  • Extended support of CCP/XCP communication





Lab Testing

  • Use data recorder CX22B-W as firewire to Ethernet gateway
  • New peak valley computation
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