Solutions for applications in the food industry

Consumers and business are increasingly critical, standards are rising. Test and measurement technology products are a critical factor for both quality assurance and increased efficiency in the food industry. New methods are being developed for optimizing the production process. This requires adequate test and measurement equipment.

Benefit from over 60 years of experience in test and measurement and a wide range of products - from sensor through data acquisition and software. Be it standard or individual solutions - HBM is the right partner for you.

HBM test and measurement technology products have been tried and tested in many applications in the food industry. Here are a few examples:

Food packaging

Gravimetric filling systems demand high accuracy - in the production of food packaging as well. The weigh blending systems measure a recipe of different plastic granules by weight and then blend the resulting mix so that it can be used in different types of plastic processing. Exact mixing ratios and homogeneous batches are crucial factors. Not a problem with the SP4M single point load cell.

High-performance powder filling machines

The critical factors in powder filling machines are accuracy and the response and settling time of the load cells. Here, the PW12C single point load cell or the FIT1 digital load cell are the ideal solution. A/D converter boards, for example AD103C, permit digitalization.

Bakery machines

Production processes in bakeries need to be efficient, therefore cost-efficient automation solutions are required. RM4220 electronics and PW15 single point load cells from HBM enable easy integration of the scales.

Customer-defined solutions

  • Innovative customized solutions
  • Rapid realization using fast prototyping

Single point load cells and weighing electronics used in bakery machines

Checkweighers for food production in line with weight criteria

Digital load cells in high-performance powder filling machines

Aseptic filling of fluids

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