Industrial Internet Explained: Key Terms and Ideas

Cyber-Physical Systems
Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are the fabric that holds together the IIoT. They are the indispensable technological link for the merging of real and virtual worlds...
Smart Factory
The ''Smart Factory'' features a production which organizes and optimizes itself.
Demand-driven Production
Demand-driven production allows for flexible and cost-effective production in line with the customer’s wishes.
Machine to Machine (M2M)
The automated exchange of information between mobile devices via the Internet and mobile communications guarantees optimum processes and increases productivity.
Industrial Cloud
The Industrial Cloud is a virtual environment that enables companies to exchange sensitive data securely.
Every production step is documented to allow for full traceability of the entire product life. This enables problems to be quickly resolved, or even comple
Cyber Security
Networking opens up completely new possibilities for hackers. Cyber security strategies for data security in the virtual space address this challenge.