Big Data: A pool of valuable knowledge Big Data: A pool of valuable knowledge | HBM

Valuable knowledge: Big Data, a Look into the Crystal Ball You Can Trust

Smart phones, computers, web sites, sensors and machines provide huge amounts of data, every day. Big data is synonymous with this data pool. Companies use this information for different purposes today. Marketing and Sales lead the way: They translate their knowledge into customized products. Big data is indispensable to production too. Here, for example, data help optimize processes. Moreover, information facilitates resource-saving production in line with market requirements.

Sensors, autonomous and networked systems, CRM, etc. provide huge amounts of data, day by day. This information translates into money. It enables the industry to increase turnover or the quality of products and services. Production becomes more flexible and efficient due to big data. For example, through predictive machine maintenance: Predictive maintenance ensures better availability of a system based on its status data. This reduces costs. Information about markets in turn facilitates optimized sales planning. Knowing the customers’ needs results in the development of products that actually meet their expectations.