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More efficient communication: Horizontal and Vertical Corporate Networking

Networking of corporate business units and departments (vertical integration) and between companies (horizontal integration) plays an essential role in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

It results in new value-added networks that offer enhanced cooperation, coordination, and transparency. Digitization is the basis of vertical and horizontal networking. It allows for an efficient exchange of data between internal and external agents, machines, and workpieces, thus enabling virtually all business processes to be outsourced. The result: shifting boundaries between companies and the creation of virtual companies.

The IIoT is shaped by the IoT, cyber-physical systems, and self-optimizing value chains and vertical and horizontal networking of companies is essential to it. Networking guarantees uniform exchange of information and thus efficient cooperation between all the participants of a value-added network and allows for a wide range of applications. Joint administration of machines, programs, and tools is possible as well as the monitoring of a product’s processing status or a machine’s need for maintenance at any location throughout the world.