Demand-driven Production Allows for Individualized Mass Production Demand-driven Production Allows for Individualized Mass Production | HBM

Production on Demand

Companies increasingly focus on the individual customer who wants highly customized products. These cannot be produced efficiently using established processes and systems. Alternatives are needed such as demand-driven production. It allows for flexible and cost-effective production in line with the customer’s wishes.

Demand-driven production is the answer provided by the Industrial Internet of Things to meet customer wishes. It enables different product variants to be cost-effectively produced in a single production line. It is successful through efficient and highly flexible production in the smart factory. Which in turn is achieved through the continuous exchange of data between humans, production systems and workpieces. The cloud and the workpieces themselves provide the production and logistics systems with important information about product properties, required resources and production parameters. This ensures that the appropriate source materials are available at the right time and place. The system uses the material to quickly, flexibly and cost-efficiently produce a large number of customized products.