Machine-to-Machine Communication Optimizes Production Processes Machine-to-Machine Communication Optimizes Production Processes | HBM

Machine-to-Machine Communication Optimizes Production Processes

To be successful in the market, companies focus on high-quality, customized products that need to be produced as cost-effectively as possible. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication helps with regard to the same: The automated exchange of information between mobile devices via the Internet and mobile communications guarantees optimum processes and increases productivity.

Text Message from the Punching Machine

M2M communication has, since long, become an integral part of our everyday life: Smart electric meters help us use energy more efficiently. Cars communicating with each other improve the flow of traffic.  Alarm systems send text messages to house owners to warn them in case of a break-in.

M2M communication also holds an important place in all branches of the economy. M2M, for example, allows for remote maintenance of production plants to minimize downtime. Work pieces, as well, communicate information about their machining. This enables multiple variants of a product to be produced on a single system—at low cost and of a high quality.

M2M is used even in the agricultural sector: Combine harvesters bring in the harvest almost automatically today. This is made possible by GPS and weather data. Today, farmers can learn about even the birth of a calf through a text message sent when the mother cow’s vital data have changed.