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The Industrial Cloud

The Industrial Internet of Things enables machines and systems to manufacture products virtually independently. To accomplish this, they permanently exchange sensitive data—even beyond company boundaries. The Industrial Cloud provides a secure platform for data sharing.

Fort Knox for Sensitive Production Data

Machine-to-machine and inter-company communication are typical of the Industrial Internet of Things. They allow for close cooperation and effective process optimization, provided that all actors have access to the required data. This is usually sensitive information that needs to be protected from unauthorized third parties.

The Industrial Cloud is a virtual environment that enables companies to exchange sensitive data securely. This is indispensable when viewed against the background of horizontal networking. Internal information is, after all, intended for select partners only, such as information about components needed for production, that, in general, is intended exclusively for the supplier or for machine status data, required only by the service provider for remote maintenance.

The Industrial Cloud securely networks users, sensors and machinery across the entire supply chain. As a result, goods can be produced in a more flexible, efficient, and intelligent way.