Exact measurement of body weight for precise dosages of medication: SLS lifter scale

Doctors, medical staff and patients must be able to rely on the technology they use for their work – every time. Requirements for medical products are therefore especially high and precise measurement results are indispensable. This is one reason why medical engineering companies rely on HBM measurement technology. The best example of this is SLS lifter scale. Approved as a medical product, they are used not only by lifter manufacturers, but also by hospitals and rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes as their patient lifters.

An exact measurement of patients' body weight is indispensable for dosing their medication to prevent wrong dosages with serious consequences. Hospitals recommend using a verified weigher to weigh patients whose medications are dispensed according to body weight. For immobile patients who are raised by lifter, HBM has therefore developed a special solution together with lifter manufacturers: the SLS lifter scale. Patient lifters of almost any kind can be easily equipped with standard adapters in this manner.

A verified and certified universal solution

The SLS lifter scale is a universal solution for the verified weighing process, combining all necessary components in one device: Load cell, sensor, housing and display – including intuitive operation, automatic shutdown and an appealing design. The maximum capacity is 200 kg with 100-g resolution or 320 kg with 200-g resolution. The sturdy scale is protected against dust and splashing water in conformity with IP54 with a limit load of 500 kg and a breaking load of 1000 kg.

The two-stage manufacturer verification of HBM is a unique feature which can be used if the installation location of the SLS lifter scale is unknown at the time of delivery. After verification and sealing of the lifter scale by HBM in the first stage, dealers or manufacturers trained by HBM can enter the g factor (gravitational acceleration) specified for the installation location themselves, thereby completing legal verification of the scale. An advantage for dealers and manufacturers: They can market SLS lifter scales worldwide – without knowing the installation location in advance – which also gives them a logistical advantage. They don't have to order a completely verified version directly and storage is eliminated.

HBM is certified per ISO 13485. The SLS lifter scale is approved as a medical device in accordance with the Medical Products Act (MPA) 93/42/EEC and meets the requirements of the current EC directive 2009/23/EC for weighers and the RoHS-2 directive 2011/65/EU for the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices. It is suitable for medical applications per DIN EN 60601-1-6 and DIN EN 62366. It provides a risk analysis in accordance with DIN EN 14971 and also an EMC test report per DIN EN 60601-1-2 and EN45501/OIML R76.

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