EP70: Special Adhesive for the Installation of Cylindrical Strain Gauges in Screws and Bolts

The two-component adhesive EP70 is the first choice for the installation of cylindrical strain gauges in bolts and screws (LB11 and TB21) for measuring strain, force and vibration. It cures under heat and can be used in a wide temperature range of -40°C to 70°C.

The EP70 is especially characterized by its easy and process-safe handling: bubble formation during curing and air inclusions are no longer a problem.

  • Application temperature range: -40°C up to 70°C 
  • Curing temperature: 3h at 60°C 
  • Optional curing step: If the operating temperature is above 50°C you need to do a second curing step at 100°C for 4h 
  • Pot life: max. 2h after mixing 
  • Adhesive is sufficient for 50 installations

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Are You Looking for Technical Assistance?

The installation of cylindrical strain gauges differs a lot from the conventional method of installing flat strain gauges. Find guidance in our Tech Notes about bonding cylindrical strain gauges and wiring bolt strain gauges.

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