Webinar: Infrastructure Monitoring with Optical Fiber Sensors: Different, not Difficult


The use of fiber optic sensors for monitoring is still considered difficult and demanding, as if expertise in optics were mandatory. Actually, the days when this technology was only used in research laboratories and universities are long gone. One example is Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology. Robust and intuitive sensors and interrogators based on this technology are reaching the market and proving their simplicity. This webinar will focus on the HBM FiberSensing experience using FBG systems in infrastructure monitoring applications.

In this webinar, you will learn

  • how optical sensors can reduce sensor network complexity and ease installation in most infrastructures
  • how monitoring in hazardous environments can be truly achieved with optical systems
  • how the main differences between optical and conventional technologies can be overcome


Cristina Barbosa

Product manager for HBM optical technology



HBM FiberSensing 提供多种布拉格光栅(FBG)传感器和光纤解调仪,用于监控,测量和测试
QuantumX CX22B-W
QuantumX CX22B-W 单机数据记录仪,直接在设备中存储和分析测量数据 - 无需 PC 连接。